AGM – May 27, 2020 at 7pm on Zoom


Notice of 2020 Annual General Meeting
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2010
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Online Meeting via Zoom

All Members of the Cochrane Sunset Ridge Subdivision Residents Association (CSRSRA or the Society) are hereby invited to the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM).

This Notice is being delivered by email to current Members and will also be entered on our Facebook page for all non-current members.

To register as a member, you need to send your name, address, and email to be a member in good standing and vote at the AGM. Register with our secretary by end of day on May 25th, 2020 at

The coordinates and meeting code for Zoom, which can be downloaded for free, will be emailed to all current Members and all residents of Sunset Ridge who apply for membership by May 26, 2020.

If your computer does not include a visual component you can still participate in the meeting by voice.


1. Approval of Special Resolution for Amendment to the Bylaw
In order to add a definition of “Voting Member” to the definitions in the Bylaws, the Board proposes approval of the following Special Resolution, which requires approval of at least 75% of the present Voting Members:
a. The Bylaws of the Society be amended by the addition of a definition to Section 2.2 Definitions, as follows:
“Voting Member means a Full Member in good standing at the time of each such meeting of the Members.”; and0 b. the balance of the Bylaws not specifically amended herein are ratified as is.”;
and upon ratification a certified copy shall be delivered to the Registrar of Societies for the Province of Alberta and shall be a part of the Society’s Bylaws from and after the date thereof.”

2. Board Reports
President’s Report Needs Survey Report Strategic Refocus Report

3. Treasurer’s Report and Fiscal 2019 Audited Financial Statements
The 2019 fiscal audited financial statements have been delivered to the Members on our Facebook page.

4. Appointment of an Auditor or Qualified Person
The Board has nominated Ms. Sheina Nicholl of Nikolaos Group Inc., to be the financial statement reviewer for fiscal 2020, in lieu of an auditor. She is a duly qualified person as allowed for Societies in order to minimize costs.

5. Setting number of Directors and Officers to be Elected
The Board currently has 9 members, consisting of 5 Officers and 4 Directors at large. The Board believes at the present time that a total of 9 Board members is the right size now and will make a motion to set the number of Directors and Officers to be elected at the AGM at 5 members.

6. Election of Directors and Officers

Returning automatically for the second year of their two-year term are Ronald Gosselin, President, who will move to Immediate Past-President, Kelli-Anne Willisko, Treasurer, and Directors Madacen Monroe and Julie Havelock.

The Board has nominated current Directors Samantha Nickerson to be President, Rosanne Balsom to be Vice- President and Marcia Johnston to be Secretary, which will be voted on together as a slate.

This leaves two Directors to be nominated from the Members present at the AGM.

A message from the Sunset Ridge Residents Association President >>>

Dear Members and Sunset Ridge Residents,

In these difficult times, I want to provide you with an update about our upcoming community association activities. We have decided to cancel our community spring clean-up (though feel free to pick up garbage whenever you can!), as well our May 20th Annual General Meeting and May Garage Sale have been postponed.

Our scheduled June 20th ‘Block Party in the Park’ is not cancelled yet (though it does not look hopeful); however, no future events will take place until the health emergency is over.

In the meantime, we hope that you will consider renewing or becoming a Community Association Member ($10 years). As you can see from the events we were planning, we are all about bringing a sense of community to the residents of Sunset Ridge.

In closing, please stay safe and listen to the recommendations of our health authorities. We are all in this together.

President, Ronald Gosselin

Santa Claus is Coming to Sunset Ridge!

Santa Claus is coming to Sunset Ridge!

Hosted by: The Sunset Ridge Residents Association Cochrane

When: Sunday, December 15th
Time: 1:30pm to 3pm

One of our Association members will use your phone/camera to capture a photo of your family with Santa (or you can take your own of your kids).

JOIN the Sunset Ridge Residents Association for 2020 events + more – $5 per household.

Hot Chocolate will be provided by The Hub Café and Wine

Sunset Ridge 2nd Annual Holiday Decorating Contest with Prize Provided by: Pretty Suite Designs

It’s that time of year again Sunset Ridge, so get out the exterior holiday decor (if you haven’t already) and let’s get this contest for BEST DECORATED on the go!

All you have to do to enter your Sunset Ridge address is contact us through our Facebook page by December 18, 2019.

Decorated homes will be judged on the evening of December 22nd & a winner will be announced on December 23rd.

Thank you to the Canadian Parents for French (Cochrane), for volunteering to be our judges.

PRIZE – One room in your home painted by Pretty Suite Designs – A $500 Value!


Hello to all Sunset Ridge Residents –

We need help to drive, collect and sort food on Saturday, September 14th in Sunset Ridge. Children are welcome!

Please RSVP to this event if you can help drive, collect or sort on Saturday (any and all help is appreciated). We’ll meet at the Trading Post in Sunset to hand out maps at 9:30am and start collecting at 10am.

Once you have collected from your designated route, head back to the Trading Post to check in (and maybe take on another street), and then drive the food down to the Spray Lakes Sawmill Family Recreation Centre (800 Griffin Road). Once there you will be met by volunteers who will help you unload the food.

If you are able to help stay to sort the food (the more the merrier!), everything gets packed up nicely and heads off the Cochrane Food Bank all organized.

A hot dog lunch is provided.

Last year, we started at 9:30am and we were done by 1pm. The whole town participates in this food drive, so let’s show them how we do things in Sunset Ridge!

PS – if you cannot help out, live in a condo or will not be home, please leave your food donation on your step for 10am. OR, you can drop it off to Sunset Ridge Pharmacy in advance. Thank you kindly.


Sunset Ridge Community Garage Sale


Location: At your own house. If you are in a condo, perhaps there is a common area or it could be done outside.

Fee: $10 to be listed on the community map + receive Community Association membership for the rest of the year!

Use this doc to add your name and email & someone will get in touch with you soon!

Sunset Ridge Residents Association Board Meeting

Cochrane Sunset Ridge Subdivision Residents Association

(AKA Sunset Ridge Residents Association on Facebook)


7pm Tuesday June 18, 2019

The HUB, Sunset Ridge Trading Post


Call to order – Vice President, David Cooper

Adopt Agenda

Adopt April 30, 2019 minutes (meeting before AGM)


Feedback from recent events

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report

Directors’ report

New Business/Upcoming Projects

Adjourn meeting